Protecting the Megadiverse Cloud Forests of Southern Ecuador

Protecting the Megadiverse Cloud Forests of Southern Ecuador

Grantee Fundación Jocotoco
Target Tapichalaca treefrog, mountain tapir, Jocotoco antpitta, Bomarea longipes, Miconia dodsonii, Passiflora zamorana
Area Protected

101 hectares

Location Ecuador
Grant Amount $50,000

Jocotoco’s reserve expansion strategy for Tapichalaca is based on building connectivity between Yacurí National Park and Podocarpus National Park to ensure that gene flow and species dispersal can continue within these three protected areas. The objective is to rapidly purchase three tracts of land to continue the expansion of Tapichalaca and connect these National Parks. A newly built road southeast of the Tapichalaca Reserve and the improved pavement of the highway that transverses the Tapichalaca Reserve is having a negative impact on standing forests and thus creates an urgent need to protect parcels while they are still available. The project sites are globally significant for rare species and high biodiversity.

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