Our Approach


QRFN is a rapid response mechanism that matches scientific expertise, funds, and urgent needs with a speed unparalleled in the funding community. Our goal is to ensure that any significant land deal – one that protects one of the last homes rare and endangered species – has access to the necessary funds. While the funds that go to any one project are rarely large enough to complete a transaction, we seek to provide a funding amount that can secure the property, show commitment and investment so that the conservation buyer has the ability to make a down payment, and hold the property while remaining funds are raised. Our overarching objectives are to protect the world’s most important sites for biodiversity by conserving sites that:

· Protect populations of globally Endangered and Critically Endangered species; 

· Require urgent action; and

· Protect globally significant sites typically recognized as Alliance for Global Extinction sites, Biodiversity Hotspots, Key Biodiversity Areas, or Global 200 ecoregions.

To achieve these objectives, we strive to:

· Provide a rapid response, delivering a decision and funding on a timeline commensurate with the project need, or in as little as one week;

· Engage our volunteer expert advisory panel, 50 of the world’s top biodiversity scientists, to provide timely review and scrutiny of solicited proposals;

· Support local organizations with a demonstrated capacity to deliver;

· Put 100% of contributions into the land deals; we don’t fund overhead or management costs.

· Leverage donor funds by engaging our Fund Advisory Board to help with fundraising.