Ensuring a future for essential ecosystems and species.

Richard Gillin, Flickr


The Quick Response Fund for Nature (QRFN), formerly the Quick Response Biodiversity Fund, is a philanthropic collaboration focused on protecting some of the world’s most critical sites for endangered species.  

In the financial world, investors respond quickly to promising opportunities that arise one day but may vanish the next. In conservation, opportunities to purchase important lands – and hence save rare and endangered species – may arise abruptly and require an immediate financial commitment to compete with financial interests. Often, the chance to complete a critical land purchase is lost because of the slow pace of arranging conservation investments. 

QRFN is providing a solution-oriented approach towards saving the world’s most important sites: we match scientific expertise, funds, and urgent needs with a speed unparalleled in the funding community. Our goal is to ensure that any globally significant land deal - one that protects one of the last homes for rare and endangered species - has access to the necessary funds.