Protecting the Lilacine Amazon

Grantee American Bird Conservancy/Fundación Jocotoco
Type Lilacine Amazon
Location Ecuador
Grant Amount 30,000

The largest population of the Lilacine Amazon, numbering around 600 individuals—and their preferred roosting sites—has been located at the Las Balsas community in southwestern Ecuador, consisting of six patches of Carob Forest along the Rio Piedras river valley. This area is also located within the Key Biodiversity Area Bosque Protector Chongón Colonche. There is a pronounced risk that roosting sites of the Lilacine Amazon will be deforested soon in Las Balsas, both for the increasing need for charcoal production and because these forest patches are located on flat, easily accessible areas along the river, which are ideal for agriculture. This project will purchase 99-year usufruct rights of land totaling 210 acres.